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Established in 1952 to further the sport of archery, Riverside Archers is one of California's oldest archery clubs. Riverside Archers is proudly affiliated with the National Field Archery Association and the California Bowman Hunters.

The Riverside Archers' range is nestled in the valleys and canyons of northwest Riverside County near Lake Mathews. Located just 2 miles off the I-15, the range is a short distance from Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and other Southern California counties. The range occupies 140 acres of land and sports a 14 target NFAA Walking Range, an unmarked 3D range and a practice area.

The NFAA walking range sports some of the most varied terrain around. Many of the shots are over water as well as uphill and downhill. "If you can score well at Riverside, you can score well anywhere!"

The unmarked 3D range is large enough to allow the course captain wide discretion in target placement, ensuring each 3-D shoot is a unique experience.

While the walking range and unmarked 3D range are filled with shots across varying terrain, the practice area is located in a wind sheltered flat area. The target bales are set up from 10 yards to 80 yards in 10yd increments. Whether it's time to practice or sight-in your bow this is the spot.

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Annual Membership

Individual $160
Family $185
Active Military $35
** Credit towards membership fees is given for each work party attended. **

Click here for a membership registration form. Memberships are ANNUAL and you must renew it every year, no exceptions.

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Please note that this is NOT the Riverside Archery Shop. Please go here for their website.
President Vacant
1st Vice President Cam McNee
2nd Vice President Tom Halen
Range Captain Vacant
Tournament Chairman Cam McNee
Secretary / Treasurer Stephenie Argyle

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